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Your workforce management services should solve your
business problems, not create them.

Services We offer

HR Management System

Track & Manage Employee Information & powerful Reports with easy setup using our software

Employee Schdeduler

To manage & track employee hours, rest breaks, lunch breaks, sick leave & employees gross pay

Payroll System

To manage and streamline the payroll process and pay employees in a few clicks

Bookkeeping Services

We provide day to day bookkeeping service to navigate your decision making process.

Payroll Processing

We will process all the payroll, prepare and e-file tax returns and tax deposits. We focus on your payroll and people, you focus on your business.

Tax Preparation

Our team provides comprehensive taxation solution for both individual and corporate clients.
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When your payroll and HR tasks are unified in one system, you have a better workday. You reduce cumbersome paper-based processes, decrease compliance errors, and increase productivity so you can be more strategic.

Some Of Our Web-Based Scheduler’s
Features Include:

Being able to create, manage, and maintain accurate employee hours for multiple departments, regions, and locations.

Easily look into and manage each individual employees' rates and hours worked, leading to less unneeded overtime and schedule overlap.

The ability to create and manage roles for individual employees easily.

Receive an email alert sent directly to you whenever a schedule change has been made.

It’s Time For An Upgrade

If you’re a business owner with more than 5 employees and are still using programs such as Microsoft Excel or Google Docs to create and manage your weekly schedule, it’s time for an upgrade into an easier and more streamlined solution. Our web-based employee scheduler software is perfect for owners, managers, or CEO’s that have employees in multiple locations or departments and find it difficult or even overwhelming to update their hourly schedule.
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